Emily D Photography | P3
To review your package details include - complimentary group photos. Please feel free to choose as many as you'd like.

And the individual packages included:
+ make up application
+ studio rental fee
+ 3 edited digital files

Your immediate next steps are - sending me three selects from each person. You can do that within the gallery that I provided you or you can send me the numbers. The images are really lightly edited so expect work done to your finals - i.e., skin smoothing, blemish removal (if any) and colour balancing.

I'm at my desk tomorrow and can happily send you your edited files if I get your selects by noon. If I don't hear back from you before then it typically takes me five business days.

You can view the proofs here - "Vet Clinic"

Lastly, if you're feeling spoiled for choice and can't possibly choose three please know that you can purchase more a la carte for $40/image.